Hi, I'm Jenny

I fell in love with yoga at my first vinyasa class in 2004. Since age 10, I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease, which involves chronic pain, abdominal surgeries, fatigue, off-and-on prednisone therapy and an all-consuming anxiety that stems from never feeling in control. My mat became my sanctuary.

When I was practicing, I wasn’t consumed with worry about my stomach or anything else going on in my life. Through conscious breathing and movement, I felt calm, but alert. I realized that I am so much more than my diagnosis and that I could manage my physical, mental, and emotional health with a whole body holistic approach.

I began to study nutrition, breathing techniques, and essential oils, and my practice became a main source of strength, peace and healing in my life. Having a chronic illness makes you focus on everything that is wrong with your body. Yoga focuses on everything that is right. After many years of personal practice, I transitioned my career from an elementary school teacher to a yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hours with Victoria Haffer in 2015 and my 300 hour certification with Jacqui Bonwell in 2020.

I am now a 500-hour advanced yoga teacher with extensive experience teaching classes in studios, gyms, outside, virtually, workshops, facilitating trainings, and holding private classes in my home studio and on my front porch. I also hold certifications in Restorative Yoga, Clinically Informed Restorative Yoga for Trauma, and I am trained in Balanced Athlete™.

I’m driven to teach yoga that empowers and heals – physically, emotionally and mentally. My holistic approach to teaching integrates alignment-based yoga, which combines all elements of the practice including asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra. My goal is to motivate my students to embody the peace, strength, interconnectedness, and overall health and wellness that yoga has brought to my life and that I know it can bring to yours.

I believe that laughter heals the soul and I teach with a bright, light-hearted energy. Get ready to feel stronger, calmer, more balanced and have a little fun!

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